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Ginseng Root

South Korea
Circulation Booster
Activating Serum
  • •   Improves blood flow
  • •   Supports normal hair growth
  • •   Inhibits DHT
An ancient herbal remedy that stimulates scalp microcirculation, helps restore the natural hair growth cycle, and inhibits the creation of DHT, the main hormone responsible for hair loss.
The Powerful Potential of Ginseng to Promote Hair Growth

Korean red ginseng has a long history as a natural hair growth stimulant in Korea...

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Ginseng: Field crops manual
Purdue University
A comparison of the ancient use of Ginseng in traditional Chinese medicine with modern pharmacological experiments and clinical trials
National Library of Medicine
Efficacy of Korean red Ginseng in the treatment of Alopecia Areata
National Institutes of Health

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