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Activating Serum & Scalp Massager

A daily-use revitalizing serum that treats the scalp with amino acids, minerals, and powerful botanicals that help rebalance oil levels and maintain healthy hair growth. For a limited time, receive a FREE  scalp massager with your first order ($20 value).

Activating Serum


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Let it flow, Let it grow

Finding its roots in Ayurveda and the Champi tradition, the scalp massager improves blood circulation to the hair follicles to grow strong and healthy hair when combined with our Activating Serum.




Finally! I love seeing this on my counter top and knowing that I’m doing something about my thinning hair. And people keep asking me if I’ve done something new to my look!
Whatever you guys are doing, please please keep doing it! I love that you’re talking about women’s hair loss, and bringing a product like this. And I love how it feels on my scalp!
Is this stuff magic?!

We travel the globe to discover precious botanicals and use science to harness the best that nature has to offer—uniting time-honored remedies and evidence-based studies to support your scalp and strands

Sulfate-free | Paraben-free | Cruelty-free | Vegan

Our customers have a lot to show.

We love the fact that our customers are showing noticable gains in scalp health and growth. Learn more about about results and hear reviews from others who are seeing noticing change.

"I cannot believe how far my hair has come in year!"
"Great growth after 3 months"
"Growing back full after so much damage"
"Shocked at the difference"

Modern Science Meets Ancient Medicine

Our journey leads us to the far reaches of the planet in search of time-honored solutions. We’ll try anything: scalp massages in South Korea, hair masks in India, rare botanicals from the Amazon. Led by the wisdom of these traditions, we discover effective natural ingredients that we take back to the lab—uniting ancient remedies and proven technology to create products that support your scalp like the living organ it is.

The Science Behind the Serum

It took us 20 years to find the ingredients used in our Activating Serum. All of our ingredients are included in our formulation for a reason — each have properties which lend themselves to superior scalp health, follicle function, and growth promotion.

Lilac stem cells, an active ingredient in our serum, repair hair in 28 days.
Our Activating Serum increases blood cell flow to follicles by up to 66%.
Increase Anagen/Telogen (stages of hair growth) by more than 100%.

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