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Mark’s Story

Mark knows his way around hair. Known for his attention to detail and for creating gorgeous styles for Hollywood’s elite like Dakota Johnson, Gwenyth Paltrow, Elizabeth Banks, and the Olsen siblings, Mark is one of the most highly regarded hair stylists in the business.

When Mark entered his mid-thirties, he began experiencing the struggles of hair loss. Turning to all the hair products at his disposal, he was unable to find a solution until he discovered Collective Laboratories in March of 2020. During this time, he began regular use of the Collective Laboratories
Activating Serum and Revitalizing+ Supplements.

After 6 months of consistent product use, Mark noticed a difference in his scalp and hair health. He reached out to Collective Labs’ CEO & Co-founder, Sarah Fotis, via Instagram DM to learn more about the company…and the rest is history. Mark joined the Collective Labs’ team as Creative Consultant in early 2022 to amplify their mission of healthy hair growth for all.

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*Results taken from a clinical trial of ingredients in Activating Serum

Meet Our In-House
Medical Advisory Board

We work with a lot of exceptional and thoughtful people—like
the dermatologoist, chemists, and medical doctors on our Scientific Advisory
Board, who help guide our product innovation and clinical research.

Shala Fardin, MD

Board-Certified Dermatologist

Dominic Patawaran, MD

Board-Certified Physician

Cecilia The, O.M.D.

Doctor of Eastern Medicine

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Is Activating Serum safe for men and women?

While the underlying causes of hair thinning can be different for men and women, everything we make here at Collective Laboratories is designed to work for all people–regardless of gender.

I’m not currently losing hair, but I want to prevent it. Will this help?

Yes! Prevention is the most effective measure that you can take against thinning hair. The active botanicals and science-backed ingredients in Activating Serum help nourish your scalp and maintain follicle health. With regular use, Activating Serum helps maintain your hair’s normal growth cycle.

Why is this a subscription?

You wouldn’t use an anti-aging cream once and expect to see results, right? The same goes for your hair. Consistency is key when it comes to supporting the health of your scalp and strands, and it’s the little steps you take every day that really make a difference.That’s why we decided to offer Activating Serum in a subscription – so it’s easier to continue supporting your hair every day.

When will I start seeing results?

Activating Serum starts working immediately, but it can take up to three months for you to see noticeable results simply because it takes a while for your hair cycle to respond to treatment. Patience and consistency are key; new hair doesn’t happen overnight.

Where are your products made?

We source ingredients from around the world, but we make our products in our lab in California.

Can I use these products if I’m also using prescription hair loss medication?

Yes, our products work with internal prescription hair loss medications like finasteride and topical medications like minoxidil. If you are using other topical medications, please check with your doctor first before layering treatments.

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