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Ultra Omega-3

United States
Heart Health
Revitalizing Supplement
Revitalizing + Supplement
  • •   Assists cell function
  • •   Supports cardiovascular system
Essential nutrients critical in supporting heart health and supporting nerve, muscle and cell function.
Ultra Omega-3, the Wonder Nutrient

There probably hasn’t been a nutrient whose health benefits have been as widely studied and reported on as Omega-3s. This fatty acid’s ability to improve physical health and even mental health is extremely well-documented...

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“There are at least 5,790 studies on Ultra Omega-3 and we're always looking for more.”

We love reviewing new research, and we'd love to learn from you too. If you run across an
interesting study and want to share it, please send it to us at:

Cardiovascular benefits of omega-3 fatty acids
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Society of Cardiology
Effect of Omega-3 Dosage on Cardiovascular OutcomesAshwagandha
Mayo Foundation for Medical
Education and Research
Long-chain omega-3 fatty acids and the brain: a review of the independent and shared effects of EPA, DPA and DHA
Bournemouth University

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